Procedos Platform9 is an exercise system founded on years of research. It offers comprehensive functional strategies for training, rehabilitation and conditioning. Utilizing a powerful, simple and systematic approach to functional exercise, Procedos Platform9 is easy to learn, fun and produces rapid improvements in movement quality, body composition, and injury prevention.


What our customers are saying

"I enjoyed how seamlessly Procedos education integrated into my clients current training programs. Having the mat as a visual reference, allows for limitless variations."

Cameron Harn, Personal Trainer LA

"Procedos is the simplest, yet most profound tool I have come across. With the ability to cue movement with targets, drive 3D human function with tasks, and create a rich and variable movement environment. Procedos is set up to be highly beneficial to both brain and body."

Ryan Glatt, certified brain health coach. - Founder of Somatiq

"What the Procedos mat has allowed me to do is accelerate how quickly I can progress clients...It's also allowed me to get much better, and quicker, at assessing movement..There's something about the circles and the lines and the numbers that just seems to unlock it for people..Probably allowed us to leap forward about 6 months in their training - which is just fantastic. It's also given much me more of a framework for assessing people and monitoring their progress."

– Greg Jacobs, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Stable Base (Camberwell, VIC).