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Passion met purpose when Jason Hamera began his personal training career in 2007.

Since then he has managed 6 different successful fitness clubs (4 Bally Total Fitness Clubs, 2 Equinox Clubs), spent 3 years creating and running a startup Taekwondo school, and recently partnered with his fiancé to purse a venture in fitness education. He was also the director of education for a boutique fitness studio (modelFIT) in NYC, wrote the trainer curriculum, and taught multiple workshops for new and existing trainers. His training modalities are diverse, deriving scientific merit from the cpt/ ces from NASM and AFS as a GIFT Fellow a program which he still continues since 2015 through the Gray Institute. He has even completed collegiate course work in behavioral psychology and the social sciences as a way to better understand his clients and deliver the highest quality service. Jason never stops learning and is on a mission to share his observations, successes, and process with the fitness community. 


Marissa Hamera

A born and raised New Yorker, Marissa Siewert graduated from the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. After 20 years of dancing, performing internationally and dealing with several injuries and movement disfunction issues, she transitioned her dance career into fitness. While managing and teaching at a boutique fitness studio in NYC, she met her fiancé and business partner, Jason Hamera. The two teach educational workshops under “Fitness People Advancing Change” for fitness enthusiasts and trainers through the US. Alongside the educational platform, Marissa is Certified in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute and is a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. With a passion for human movement, Procedos Platform 9 has been the next best fit for Marissa. She believes in a well rounded, balanced, lifestyle through movement variability and individualized nutrition for all of her clients. Her next mission is to provide the education she has gained for dancers to help prevent injury and extend their careers. 


 David Case