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There are so many ways to define functional exercise. Theories, tools and techniques flood the industry which can complicate our thinking.  

Procedos was designed to make functional exercise simple. 

Years ago, Procedos founders were training using 9 dots painted on the ground as visual targets for foot placement and hand reaches. What wasn’t present were all the angles in which the training could be varied. Nor could the dots be easily transported. 

An idea arose to take the necessary elements for creating a successful functional exercise program and develop a training tool. 

By combining the principles of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute with a unique target and task driven environment, the Procedos platform 9 (p9) was born. 

Utilizing a powerful, simple and systematic approach to functional exercise, p9 is easy to learn, fun for the client, and produces rapid improvements in movement quality, body composition, and injury prevention. 

Procedos ® Group training now in June 2019 in more than 200 clubs.

Educations in different nations.

below picture from Procedos education in Moscow/ Russia

Contact us end let us help you get connected with an Certified Procedos Instructor/ educator.

For over 40 years, Gray Institute® has been the foremost authority on functional movement and exercise, formulating the field of Applied Functional Science® (AFS), which combines the physical, biological and behavioral sciences for the enhancement of prevention, performance and rehabilitation.


The application of Chain Reaction® Biomechanics, paired with logical 3-dimensional workout progressions, provide the powerful foundation on which the Procedos P9 Platform is built. 

Leveraging the visually-enhanced task and target environment provided by Procedos, you can easily apply the 10 Observational Essentials from Gray Institute's Certification in Applied Functional Science®, as well as 3DMAPS® (3D Movement Analysis & Performance System) movements to add powerful and logical variability into your workout, providing more engagement and empowerment for you and your clients!

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