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Procedos Platform Red class leader

Procedos Platform Red class leader Mirror printed class leader Platform9 Used when running / leading classes



Size 100 x 130 cm

Pro quality

- for sale to thouse who have been in Procedos Education


For class leader who have to show motions in the directions like the class

The system of numbers is mirror compared with the black Procedos Platform.


Procedos Platform9 EXERCISE SYSTEM


The Procedos platform serves as a foundation for movement variables.

This includes length, width and angles. Since every functional movement has an angle, vertical and horizontal displacement we want to mimic those variables.

Functional movement in life and sports are typically not done twice or more in the exact same manner (reps?)

We can now choose what type of movement we want to execute and use. For example the different dots (numbers) to create a movement variable that with each rep change length, width and or angle.

This creates not only different motor learning aspects and proprioception it also spreads out the mechanical stress placed upon the tissues.

We here at Procedos believe that the human movement system is integrated.

Since this has been proven in the research we also believe that we should train this way.

This however does not neglect local movements where more stress is placed on one segment.

Actually in most movement patterns there are some parts that will take more stress than others, but they are almost always integrated.

3D functional movement training.

To train in 3D is nothing new. However the simple understanding of practical implementation has been lost.

3D training is not only taking lunges anterior, lateral and rotational.

With the Procedos Platform9 system we have simplified 3D training as much as possible.

It is so simple that when you understand the principles you will train functionally in 3D.

We know that each joint can move in 2196 ways (Gray) which will be done with the P9 exercise system.


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