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Athlete exercise library at Procedos Platform9

Athlete exercise library for you as an athlete who like to have more challanges in your training. Procedos Platform9 facilitates and gives you the best references and instant feedback to get to the next level of performance. GET ON IT and reach your full potential in your training in all planes of motion.

Exercises for athletes and top performers.

There are so many ways to define functional exercise. 

Here is a library of exercises you can use like inspiration in how to create an great training experience for yourself or for your clients.

By combining the principles of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute with a unique target and task driven environment, the Procedos platform 9 (p9) can be used in many different ways. 

Utilizing a powerful, simple and systematic approach to functional exercise, p9 is easy to learn, fun for the client, and produces rapid improvements in movement quality, body composition, and injury prevention. 


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