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Procedos education for personal trainers and coaches

Our training is developed through our partnership with the leading player in functional movement and the founders of
"Applied Functional Science®", Gray Institute®.

Based on the principles of "Applied Functional Science", our philosophy of functional training uses a logic that is easy to
learn - and even easier to apply.

Personal training

During this education you’ll, among other things, learn more about:

• The functional exercise spectrum
• The functional sphere
• The 10 observational essentials for exercise

These concepts are the foundation for creating variability within your functional exercise programming and are easily
systematized on the Platform9.

Procedos 3D Movement Trainer

This education is a second course for those who want to gain an increased understanding and knowledge of how our bodies
moves in 3D.

Procedos 3D Movement Trainer is for those who want to learn more about how the chain reactions give us the conditions for rehabilitation as well as training that creates strong and harmless bodies. The training also suits you who are active in training and sports who want to reach an increased understanding of how you can take care of your body and its physical capacity.

During these three days, we will review our principles and strategies in 3D movement training and practical exercises and techniques.

With the knowledge from Gray Institute®, along with Procedos Platform9, you will after the education, be able to build a functional and fun 3D-training for your clients.

Personal Training

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