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P.E.One ® P.E. Performance ®

In P.E. One, you'll train your body to handle all the different movements you'll face in your everyday life - and in your sport
- in the most optimal way.

We use Platform9 which gives you clear goals for what your body wants and needs to develop within.

Through the smart design of Platform9, you’ll be guided to involve your entire body in new variations of lunges, squats, lifts, presses, rotations and jumps.

Functional, high-intensity, energetic, fun and easy.

P.E. One is “Task and Target – Training simplified.” 

What is P.E. One - 3D group training?

During a 45-min P.E. One-class, you will work in all three planes of motion in an efficient and fun way. We move the
whole body as a unit.

The instructor is your guide who with a safe hand, good technique and awesome energy will make you load and explode right up to the end!

We promise you a high-intensity class with sweat and pulse!

We are all unique and therefore we need to train our bodies according to our own conditions.

Thanks to this, the P.E. One class is centered around Procedos Platform9, which makes it possible to train with or without dumbbells/weight plates.

Are you ready to get on it?

P.E. Performance is here!

And the results you want.

P.E Performance gives you the best training session to develop your results.

P.E. Performance is a group training class where you develop your muscle strength in 3D training with a focus on
endurance, power and explosive.

”P.E. Performance" gives you the results you want and more!

What is P.E. Performance - 3D group fitness?

In P.E Performance you will train in 3D, in an efficient, intensive and fun way. During this 45-minute class you will
work through the whole body with all the movements you need in your everyday life or sport.
P.E. Performance is an interval class with a clear and effective periodisation of endurance, power and explosiveness in the
same class.
The energizing music will help you and your participants to the next level in your training, as well as delivering better results.

In P.E. Performance we use "Tasks and Targets" - tasks to solve and targets to reach!


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