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Procedos Mastertrainers Sweden

Jenny Ahlin   

Since 2000 Jenny has worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, group training instructor and with educations in functional training.

Getting to help people move better is what drives Jenny to constantly continue educating herself around the complex human body and increase her clients knowledge about healthy mobility and lifestyle. 

In addition to working as a personal trainer Jenny has a passion to develop Platform 9-group training in Sweden.  


With her partner, Jenny have an own company, Magnify, which focuses on educations, lectures and workout weekends with emphasis on 3D movements and Proceeds Platform 9. 

Jenny's training philosophy is based on a deeper knowledge of human movement patterns that permeate everything Jenny instructs and makes .



Hans Hellberg 

Personal Trainer, grew up in a small town in Sweden got bored and moved to Stockholm in 2009. Been working as a PT since 2010 and love the fact that there is always something new to learn and when I got the question if I wanted to be a Master Trainer I didn’t hesitate at all.



Did the GIFT program, CAFS, 3DMAPS, Functional Soft Tissue Transformation (all by Gray Insitiute) 2014-2015 and this is where my interest of functional training (as we at Procedos see it) really took of.

Works as a facilitator with 3D-Funktion (courses by Plattform 9 creator Seth Ronland and famous PT Anderas Öhgren)


I´m currently working with clients doing sports such as soccer, ice hockey, handball, wakeboard as a profession, some group training instructors, some PTs, some clients who have come to me asking me to help them to get rid of pain of some sort, and some clients who just wanna get out of the office and get a decent workout, so there is a lot of variations of my clients and thats what make my job really interesting for me. 


Josefin Sidnor