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Procedos trainer Education USA / 7th April 2018 Los Angeles level One!

Explore the simple power of variability with the p9 exercise system. You will learn theories, cues and techniques that when applied and integrated into your clients program, will satisfy the need for a comprehensive 3D functional workout.


Time: 9 AM – 5 PM 

Location: MOTI PT , 1965 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Master Trainers: Jason Hamera and Marissa Siewert 

Max: 25 Participants


Course Objectives: 


-Be able to explain the benefits of the platform to your clients and it’s application to real life

-Gain a basic understanding of the science behind procedos 

  • Learn about the functional sphere and I.V.S. principles

-Design and instruct a customized program using p9 platform



Cost Includes:


-8 Hour live workshop 

-Educational resource Binder 

*Option to purchase discounted platform at checkout


Learning Environment: 


We believe an interactive, working environment is best for material absorption and quick learning. Come prepared to experience a workout on p9 and then workshop the foundational movements as you create your own variable programs. 



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