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Procedos trainer Education BUDAPEST 26 of March 2017

Procedos trainer Education BUDAPEST 26 of March 2017 Learn how to use the Procedos Platform9 exercise system in your practice

Procedos trainer Education BUDAPEST 26 of March 2017


Learn how to use the P9 exercise system in your practice.


26 of March 2017


Location: BUDAPEST 26 of March 2017

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Master Trainer:  Kinga Takács

Education: Maximum of 20 participants


The education is for everyone working with “spatial medicine” i.e. human movement.


The education includes the Procedos P9 Binder in which you can find all the information about the system, basic scientific principles and natures laws related to human movement.

We will teach you many exercises both in the RESTORE and REINFORCE section, that is our practical spectrum from mobility to strengthening of specific movement patterns.


After the course you will exhibit deep knowledge about the P9 Exercise system. Our goal is to make sure that you as a practitioner feel comfortable with directing exercises to your clientel on P9.



Course objectives

Be able to instruct exercises on the Platform 9™ - the day after the course you will be able to create exercise programs for your clients/patients.

  • Explain why Platform 9 is a beneficial tool for all movement interventions
  • The science behind the P9™ exercise system
  • To experience a workout on P9
  • Use tensegrity as the basis of how to attack specific structures




Learning Environment

Binder with all valuable information

  • Open inquiry atmosphere; questions encouraged; high degree of vitality and humour
  • Participants will experience their own body on the Platform 9 but also have time to investigate other participants functions.





Master trainer Kinga Takács



USD 199.00