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Procedos PEOne Certification Group trainer education Stockholm / Sweden 19-20 May

Become a PEOne Certified Group Trainer 19-20 May in Stockholm

Procedos PEOne Certified Group Trainer Education


19-20 Maj


Place: Stockholm


Location: Stockholm Sweden


Time: 09:00 - 17:00/ 8-16,00


Master Trainer: Jenny Ahlin


Education: Maximum of 20 participants


The education is for everyone who is working as a groupclass instructor.


Procedos PEOne Certified Grouptrainer


This is a course of two days of groupclass education on the Procedos Platform 9. During the education you will learn how to instruct and coach the Procedos Elements One, P.E. One, which is a prechoreographed class of 45 minutes with attached music. The class is built upon the fundamental movements we experience in both our everyday life as well as in sports. The class is for everyone as you can work both with or without load. Thanks to the class being prechoreographed we can make sure that the training is at high standard and give our participants secure training. However there will be a certain space to modify the class for you based on how the participants move and react.


Every third month you will get access to new music and choreography, a whole new class. Through Swedebeats website and app you will easily download it. The supscription will run with a cost of 890 SKR/ person every third month inkl VAT. If you want to terminate or have a break of your subscription you need to let us know one month in advance.


To keep your certification updated we expect that you participate on the annual meeting and the webinar twice a year. The certificate is personal.


The music and choreography will be sent by email to you about a week before the education along with a downloading guide. This is to make sure you have the opportunity to download everything and be able to practice some before the education if you want to. There is time set during the course as well for practice. All the material needs to be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet when you arrive to the course.


During the course we will assess you and look close on three areas where you need to be approved in order to become a certified P.E.ONE Coach:


Your ability to move- in other words quality of movements

Instructing and coaching a group

The theory test will be made during the course and you need to have an 80% score to be approved.

Apart from the above we expect 100% active participation during these two days. If you are injured, sick, pregnant or anything else prevents you from doing the active parts of the course, we want you to contact us in good time to reschedule your position.


If you need to complete something after the course is finished it can be on one, two or all of the above requirements. You have a month after finished course to do so and you will then receive more information about this.

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